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My Autographs I Got In 2007

2 Autograph Photos Jeffery Buttle April 26, 2007 *Figure Skater* I wrote asking for an autographed photo and I got 1 4x6 and 1 8 x 10.

Jeffery Buttle Online

Autographed Photo Stefan Limberiel

Stefan Lambiel Online

Personalized Autograph Photo Card Dick Button April 28, 2007 *Figure Skating Commentator*

Personalized Autograph Photo from Brandford Marsalis met in person. May 18, 2007 *Jazz Saxaphoneist*

Brandford Marsalis Online

Personalized Autograph Photo from Clay Aiken July 23, 2007 *Pop Singer*

Clay Aiken's Official Website

Autograph and photo taken with Peggy Flemming October 15, 2007 *Figure Skater Commentator*

Personalized Autograph photo from Amy Grant December 31, 2007 *Singer*

Amy Grant Online