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My Autographs I Got In 2000 and 2001

I bought a Autograph photo of Tara Lipinski at the Stars On Ice Tour February 28, 2000

Tara Lipinski's Official Web Site

Sasha Cohen Dec 1, 2000 *Figure Skater*

Sasha's Official Website

Wycliffe Gordon *Jazz Tromboniest*

Upper left hand corner hard to see

Kurt Browning 2001 *Figure Skater*

Kurt Browning Web Site

Bought At Stars On Ice 2001

Tara Lipinski Official Website

Jenny Kirk February 6, 2001 *Figure Skater*

Jenny Kirk

On March 30, 2001 I met Tara Lipinski backstage at Stars On Ice @ Van Andel Areana
I got the following signed by Tara:

I bought this photo at the merchandise stand

On April 3, 2001 I got this as a thank you from Tara after I mailed her a book I made for her

Jenny Kirk April 4, 2001 *Figure Skater*

I bought a Kurt Browning Autograph Photo also at the Stars On Ice Show

I Won This from a drawing on the radio: I answered a question quickly:

Sarah Wheat July 16, 2001 Personalized photo *Figure Skater*

Sarah Wheat

Lindsey Weber photo and note July 16, 2001 *Figure Skater*

Lindsay Weber

Katie Lee letter with photo Aug 2001 *Figure Skater*

Katie Lee's Official Website

Todd Eldredge autograph photo Aug 2001 *Figure Skater*

Todd Eldredge Official Website

Sarah Hughes Typed letter signed at the bottom and photograph signed Aug 27, 2001 *2002 Olympic Gold Medalist*

Sarah Hughes's Unofficial Website

Hollie Vise personalized autograph photo with message Oct 4, 2001 *Gymnast*

Holli Vise's Official Website

Angela Nikodinov personalized autograph photo Nov 2, 20001 *Figure Skater*

Angela Nikodinov's Official Website